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Peels are effective for reduction of fine lines, hyperpigmentation, stimulating and firming the skin and in the treatment of acne. A variety of acids may be used for skin exfoliation, and each has its own specific purpose and effect on skin cells and tissue regeneration. Using our extensive knowledge of these acids, our specialists can customize a resurfacing regimen to accommodate your lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a progressive or a mid-depth peel, a visit with our Skin Care Specialist can help choose the right type of peel for you.


Microdermabrasion utilizes diamond-encrusted wands to abrade and resurface the skin, resulting in improved skin quality, reduction of age spots, softening of fine lines and treatment of acne. This painless procedure can be repeated at short intervals in order to achieve a rejuvenated and fresher appearance.


When your skin needs a makeover or if you just want to try a new brand of makeup, a makeover is a great way to start. A basic makeover gives you advice for your skin type and a recommendation on colors that would look best for your skin tone. Our mineral makeup is a skin-friendly alternative to additive-filled liquids and powders. Minerals offer an allergy-free and low-risk alternative to the standard makeup brands.


Getting a professional facial is one of the best skin care decisions you can make. A facial cleans, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin. We offer a wide variety of facials to suit your specific skin care needs. Skin care advice is also provided.


The eyelash and eyebrow tinting procedure permanently tints brows and lashes to a darker shade. The tint lasts four to six weeks. The lashes and brow tint should be repeated when hairs grow out and fall out naturally and are replaced with new hairs.


Waxing is a temporary solution to the problem of hair growth. A thin layer of hot wax is applied to an area of the body requiring hair removal. Typically it can take three to eight weeks for hair regrowth after waxing.